Bucket Elevator Types

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Types of Bucket Elevators

Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators have buckets mounted at intervals on chain or belt. This type of Bucket Elevator is used to handle bulk materials which can be picked up by spaced buckets as they pass under a Boot Sprocket (Chain Elevator) or Boot Pulley (Belt Elevator) and then discharged by centrifugal force over the Head Sprocket or Head Pulley.

Continuous Discharge Bucket Elevators have buckets mounted continuously on chain or belt. The material is directed into the buckets through a loading leg and is discharged over the face of the preceding bucket while passing around the Head Sprocket (Chain Elevator) or Head Pulley (Belt Elevator). These Elevators may be used to handle the same kinds of material as the Centrifugal Type, but they are more recommended especially for handling materials that are difficult to pick-up in a boot or are friable (easily broken apart) materials.

Cement Mill Bucket Elevators are furnished with Style AC buckets mounted on a single strand of chain. When buckets are closely spaced, material is directed to the buckets through a loading leg. If buckets are more widely spaced, loading is accomplished through a combination of picking up the material from the boot and direct loading thorough the loading leg. Material is discharged by centrifugal force over the Head Sprocket.

Super Capacity Bucket Elevators are a continuous type elevator in which the buckets are mounted between two strands of chain. This design permits the bucket to extend back of the chain centerline resulting in greater capacities.
Super Capacity elevators are used when handling high capacities of friable (easily broken apart), heavy or abrasive materials ranging from fines to lumps.

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