Bulk Material Handling

TPI Designs, Manufactures, Procures and Installs many types of conveyors

Equipment We Design and Build

Apron Conveyors: 18” to 144“ wide and over 100ft long

Apron Feeders: 18" to 144“ wide

Belt conveyors: 18” to 96” wide & any length up to one mile

Bents and Legs: Any height, "A" type or "H" type

Bucket Elevators: Chain or Belt, Centrifugal or Continuous; up to 15,000CFH & over

Chain-belt Conveyors: Up to 96" wide and any reasonable length

Chain Drag Conveyors: Up to 84” wide and up to 200ft long

Chain Reclaimers: Up to 16ft wide over 50ft long

Diverter Valves: 45° & 60° 2-way and 3-way, manually, pneumatically or electrically operated

Drag Conveyors: 10” to 84” wide and up to 200ft long

Drag Feeders: Up to 84” wide & 84,000CFH

Hoppers & Bins: Almost any size of fabricated hopper or bin

Hand Rails: 1 1/2" sch 40 pipe w/ 1/4" x 4" toe-kick

Live Bottom Feeders: 6” to 36” dia, up to 12-screws wide and over 25ft long.

Pin Gates: Up to 84" wide and 144" long

Screw Conveyors: 4” dia. thru 36” dia. & over 100ft long

Screw Feeders: 4” dia. thru 36” dia.

Shaftless Screw Conveyors: Up to 30” dia. & 7,000CFH

Slide Gates: Up to 84" wide & manually, pneumatically or electrically operated.

S-Path Drag Conveyor: Up to 10,000CFH w/ a 90° bend & 100ft of lift

Super Capacity Elevators: Up to 25,000CFH & over 100ft high.

Transfer Towers: Any size, any height and any number of levels

Vertical Screw Elevators: Up to 7,000CFH & 50ft high

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