Other Material Handling Equipment

TPI Designs, Manufactures, Procures and Installs many types of conveyors

Other Solutions

We also design and furnish many other solutions. Please give us the opportunity to help you with your Bulk Material Handling problems/requirements.

Our experience with designing and manufacturing bulk material handling equipment such as Live Bottom Bins and Feeders, Drag Chain Reclaim Systems, Storage Bins and Silos as well as Weighing Systems gives us the ability to help you choose the proper system for your needs--even if it is unconventional.

An Example

For several clients we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of using Wall Hoppers. (See the "WallHoppers" in the downloads section for more information and pictures.) These are used when unloading Walking Floor Trailers and are suitable for use in applications handling a wide variety of shredded material, such as: Sawdust, Wood Shavings, Recycled Plastic, Rubber, Paper, etc.

Our deep engineering experience helped us show that the “Wobble-Flight” configuration of a wall hopper has several advantages over a conventional spike roll de-lumper:

  • The larger OD allows for slower rotating speed, which transfers more torque into de-lumping.
  • The saw-tooth design is considered “self-cleaning” and much less likely to become entangled in stringy materials.
  • The mass of the full flight makes this arrangement significantly less susceptible to bending and distortion.

Typically the Wobble Flights are positioned near the top and middle of the incoming mass and rotate to help Claw, Shred and/or Tear the Material off the mass being pushed out of the Trailer. As the material falls to the bottom of the hopper, there will be either a Screw Feeder, Belt Feeder or Drag feeder, sized for the application, to move the material into the first stage of whatever process is used at this particular location.

Contact TPI Engineered Systems, Inc. today and take advantage of our innovative thinking and many years of practical experience to help you design a system that is Prudent, Practical and most of all, “Cost Effective.

TPI Engineered Systems is based in Atlanta, Georgia; serving as the premier designer, engineer, manufacturer, and installer of custom bulk materials conveyor systems all across the United States. For more information on our Bulk Material Handling products or services, call or click to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly experienced employees.

We can design and build systems customized to handle:

  • Aggregates and Crushed Stone
  • Biomass, TDF & RDF
  • Cement & Clinker
  • Coal & Boiler Ash
  • Fertilizers & Phosphates
  • Fracking Sand
  • Fly Ash & Bottom Ash
  • Gypsum & FGD
  • Hogged Fuel
  • Iron Oxide & Millscale
  • Kaolin & other Clays
  • Limestone
  • Meat Scraps & Bones
  • OSB & Wafer Board
  • Paper Pulp & Sludge
  • Particle Board
  • Recycling & PET
  • Sand & Foundry Sand
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Sugar Cane, Sugar Beets & Bagasse
  • Talc
  • Urea
  • Wood Chips, Sawdust & Wood Shavings
  • And many others!

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